2022 04 – Meet João Cortez, PreSales Engineer at NextCloud

Location: ONLINE EVENT [https://bbb.parentreprise.com/b/mar-nve-weo-7co]
Date: Monday, 11 April 2022
Time: 7:00-9:00PM

João Cortez, PreSales Engineer at NextCloud has experience with Infrastructure and Architecture for Unix and Linux Environments since 1997. His main challenges at Nextcloud is to build instances and guide our customers to get their installations working, in single or clustered formats.

Worried about cloud data security? NextCloud is your answer. Self-host your own cloud site and own your data. NextCloud is ready for business or personal deployment instances and able to share files and data across other NextCloud servers through its Federated Cloud.  This month, João Cortez will discuss general aspects regarding the All-in-One Nextcloud Installation in what will be an interesting insight of the NextCloud platform.

See you at the meeting at the following online location:

(* No entrance code necessary as of 1/2hr prior to the 7:00PM meeting time.)

Marc Paré

KWNPSA Coordinators
Bob Jonkman
Marc Paré
Nicholas Collins
Steve Izma

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