2021 10 – PiKVM

Date: Monday, 18 October 2021
Time: 7:00-9:00PM

This month the topic of discussion is KVM and more importantly PiKVM. PiKVM is developed by Maxim Devaev and produced in collaboration with PiShop.us (New Castle, DE). A KickStarter was created to provide financial support for the concept and it finally garnered around $800,000 when the actual goal was $45,000. A sign of large interest from many supporters.

Why is this interest so large? This is where this month’s speaker steps in to speak of PiKVM and of its applications. Some reviews of the product have made their rounds on social media sites with all of them with glowing reports. A lot is being made of its applications for sys admins and managing servers.

“Pi-KVM is an open source project to provide a KVM over IP primarily based on the Raspberry Pi device. The project consists of kvmd, the main Pi-KVM daemon using ustreamer as a MJPG-HTTP streamer. It also provides a prebuilt OS image based on Arch Linux.” (Wikipedia)

The speaker this month is Martin Boissonneault, co-lead of the technical department for HiPi Industries/PiShop.ca (formerly BuyaPi.ca)/PiShop.us/HiPi.io. He will walk us through some of the ins and outs of PiKVM and handle a Q&A after the presentation.

See you at the meeting.

Online Link: KWNPSA Webconference Room
Access Code: No access code needed at 7PM


KWNPSA Coordinators
Bob Jonkman
Marc Paré
Nicholas Collins
Steve Izma

* Contact info@kwnpsa.ca for more information.

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