2020-08 Linux Foundation Training and Certification Programs

Date: Monday, 17 August 2020
Time: 7:00-9:00PM

With Linux’ pervasiveness in all parts of industry, more and more opportunities of sys admins requiring linux-related certification for contract or hiring prospects are becoming the norm. Accordingly, the “Linux Foundation Training and Certification” group of the Linux Foundation has established itself as the premier certification agency for sys admins in the Linux environment.

Darrell Flewell, Channel Operations Manager at the Linux Foundation, will walk us through the various certification programs offered at the Linux Foundation Training.

Join us on this eye-opening presentation. As usual, there will be a Q&A part in the presentation where attendees will have the opportunity to question Darrell on specifics.

This event is an online event. The online link will be emailed to registered attendees one day prior to the event.

RSVP to marc.pare@kwnpsa OR https://www.meetup.com/NetSquared-Kitchener-Waterloo/

Marc Paré, Steve Izma, Bob Jonkman

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