2015-10: Data Migration

Location:  The Working Centre 58 Queen Street South, Kitchener, ON (plan)
Date: 19 Oct 2016

We’ll meet to discuss different data migrations we have worked on. Some possibilities include: – Migrating between mail servers (eg upgrading Exchange, moving from GroupWise to Exchange)
– Migrating from Linux to Windows or vice versa
– Migrating from MS Office to LibreOffice

Bring examples of migration projects you have worked on, and upcoming migrations that you are planning (or procrastinating about…)

Meeting Notes

– What systems have you migrated?
– What lessons and best practices have you learned?
– What migrations are coming up? What are the challenges?

### Migrating from Exchange 2003

– The customers are in their 80s
– Marc is moving them to cloud-based email for simplicity
(business Outlook.com)
– What will they do for backups? (No)
– They were on older versions of Outlook
– Comparisons: https://products.offi…­
– Are there backdoors?
– Some companies transferred to outlook.com and lost emails, so it is easier to move mails one by one
– You need to look for PST files as the user
– Look for autocompletions : outlook.nk2 (also see nk2view)

### Dealing with people who leave

– Do you let them delete files off their machines?
– How do you separate personal and work stuff?

### Passwords

– ophCrack uses rainbow tables
– Passwords are easy to crack with Hashcat
– Are there ways to be clever with short passwords? (No)

### Everything is terrifying

– scam emails
– clickjacking
– phishing and spear phishing
– bootstrapping from small amounts of data to larger amounts
– Cryptolocker

### PST files

– Mail archive format for Outlook
– You should not keep them on network shares

### Migrating file shares

– It is important to have only one writeable copy at a time
– Migrating file shares to Linux. There are problems:
+ Shadow copies
+ Sometimes permission sets have issues

### Virus removal tools

– MalwareBytes
– Microsoft Security Essentials
– HijackThis (logging)
– CCleaner

For user education:

– ninite.com for getting software

### Other recommendations

– BlueGriffon website builder
– Zikula PHP framework/CMS (based on PostNuke)

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