2015-07: Keeping Remote Sites up to Date

Location:  The Working Centre 58 Queen Street South, Kitchener, ON (plan)
Date: 13 Jul 2016

This month we will be talking about how to deal with multiple locations within an organization.  We will be discussing things like file sharing setups for more than one location, communications between locations, different router types for VPN and such, etc….

Multiple locations may mean more than one office building, or other situations like employees who work from home or other remote locations.

Meeting Notes

What kinds of remote sites do you need to support/connect?


– Second location
+ public facing location at one site

– People working remotely without having an office

What things do remote users need to do?

– File sharing: spreadsheets, word documents, PDFs
– Database use

What tools do you do to enable them?

– Sharepoint site for sharing documents
+ Brendan uses an older version
– Syncing files between file shares
– Windows Server Remote App
+ Small Business Server and Essentials
– Moving files to the cloud
+ hosted server
– Syncing with dropbox
– Office 365 transitions workflow to the cloud
– VPNs
+ Complicated for users
+ SecurePoint client makes it easier
– Cisco mobility to connect (forwards all traffic via the VPN?)
+ Local storage with encrypted storage
+ files are stored remotely
– Windows BranchCache?
– Bittorrent sync, Dropbox, Syncthing
– Caching servers that sync overnight
– Microsoft DFS Replication (don’t bother!)
+ OneDrive for Business is still not working
– OpenVPN over OpenWRT
– Hamachi
– SSH tunnelling for remote access
– Remote support: SSH tunnelling, VNC, Fuse and SSHFS
– OwnCloud with WebDAV
+ OwnCloud does not do symbolic links very well
– WebEx (free for first three clients)
+ http://www.webex.com/…­
http://www.remoteutil…­ : free for 10 clients
– AWS cloud?
– Using git for synchronization

What clouds are easy to set up?

– OwnCloud on VPSes or your own servers

What is painful?

– Attaching remote files to local email
– Syncing multimedia files (photos)
– Downloading things from the VPN is slow
– People want things to work without learning anything
– Initially contact to a remote client: how do you get them setup?
+ join.me, bomgar, TeamViewer, screensharing with Skype (slow)
– Users do not provide enough detail
– Slow connections on the remote end
– ADSL connections with slow uploads
– Can we stop the cloud?
– Synchronizing calendars
+ OwnCloud is not up to snuff
+ What webdav clients exist for Android? acal, solcalendar don’t work
+ SunRise calendar: https://play.google.c…­
+ business calendar: https://play.google.c…­
+ There is an Exchange connector for Android

Troubleshooting mobile devices?

– Remote support viewing on smartphones? WebEx, LogMeIn

Other considerations

– syncing over DSL
– online collaborative systems for sharing documents
– newer versions of Sharepoint allow concurrent editing of documents
– confidential/sensitive information being uploaded to The Cloud ™
+ But any computer that is online is on the Cloud
– Storing medical information on the Cloud?

– VPN routers?
+ They have VPN servers themselves (IPSec and PPTP)
+ How do they find the clients? They use a road warrior setup

– German company: SoftMaker (word processor software)


– Execulink supports vDSL now?
+ http://www.execulink….­

– Teksavvy has business offerings
+ They have good support

– Yak
– Eyesurf : okay but limited
– Acanac ?

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