2015-06: Updating Computers

Location:  The Working Centre 58 Queen Street South, Kitchener, ON (plan)
Date: 08 Jun 2016

  • All about keeping systems (specifically desktops) up to date:- What tools do you use to keep desktops up to date? (Windows or
    Linux, or other)
    – What tools do you use for third party updates (Flash? Adobe Reader?
    Hateful Java?)
    – What tools do you use to monitor and ensure that updates are
    – How do you prevent desktops from filling up with spyware and other
    – For Windows people: what are you doing about the Windows 10 upgrade

Meeting Notes


### Linux

– Run apt-get manually
– apticron: emails when there are updates
– unattended-upgrades : does security updates automatically
– apt-dater : run updates in parallel
– rootkithunter

### Windows

– Download and ask to install
– WSUS updates
– Download updates and shut down

### Third Party Updates

– ninite.com
– wpkg.org
– chocolatey.org
– wsusoffline.net

### Restoring computers

– DriveVaccine (SUCKS)
– SteadyState (RIP)
– SteadierState
– Faronics DeepFreeze
– Virtual terminal servers (Multipoint server)
– Ubuntu with guest account
+ PlayOnLinux : install Wine easier
– DelProf

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